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This page begins a travelog of our 1999-2000 vacation to the South Pacific destinations of Fiji, Australia, and New Zealand, complete with rambling dialog and incredibly professionally taken photographs. Accompanied in parts by Katie's siblings and mother, the trip spanned nearly 6 weeks, beginning in Fiji in early December 1999, with only Katie and me, continuing to Queensland (NE Australia) and finishing up in New Zealand in late January, 2000.

In consideration of load time, all photos on this page are thumbnails, which, if clicked with your mouse will produce the full sized 640x480 digital VGA photograph.

Bail now before boredom sets in...

Katie, worn out from all the planning, catches a few winks at LAX before the 12 hour flight to Nadi, Fiji Acknowledgments:
This whole trip would not have been possible without the financial assistance Katie's mother, Ruth, provided to all her children (and spouses and offspring). Thanks and gratitude cannot be lavished enough upon her for her generosity and patience during this trip.

Katie's organization and scheduling of the travel and events for everyone made this a perfect trip. Without her hard work, research, and tireless efforts, slugs like me would never have been able to enjoy this trip like I did. And I did!

And I promised to give credit to Sam Pontier, a friend and fellow baby boomer with more money than sense, who lent us the use of his (expensive) Nikon digital camera for the duration of this extended trip, and without whose generosity, the incredible scenery and events of this vacation would not be pictured so conveniently here. Thanks to all!

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