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Where else but Las Vegas?
Here is a of link to find out more about Las Vegas and all the things you can do and where you can stay and lots of more good stuff about our home, Sin City, USA. But don't be alarmed. It's a great place to live.

Got legal questions? Need resources and answers? This IS the place!
This is a site for a host of legal resourses. Free on-line books, legal documents, FAQ on many areas of law, including tenant/landlord, marital, and a host of other good stuff. Be prepared to spend some time here. There's a lot to see at

The X-Files lives on
For those with a government conspiracy on their mind, check out a site dedicated to
Area 51, near Groom Lake, Nevada, where some folks suspect space aliens and their ships are stored.

Seasonal, holiday and theme graphics
If you want to get
animated GIF files and some theme and holiday graphics, try here.

Animated GIFs.
Yet another site for a vast array of animaged GIF files to spruce up your documents at this
Special Occasion Graphics site.

Greeting cards, e-cards, postcards and the like
For those who like to send electronic greeting cards or post cards, you can contact
Castle Mountain Postcards or Blue Mountain Arts.

On line music shopping, music clips and searches
For music clips, on line music shopping, finding songs,albums, and artists,
The Music Boulevard is a great place to visit and spend a few hours.

For MP3 downloads, Music City is a great place to start. Be sure to download their Morpheus program to file share millions of files, since Napster is essentially gone. And to play your new collection of MP3 files, download a great free player at Music Match.

For free dowload music composition and editing software, visit www.fleximusic.com.

If you're a musician, you might try The Musician's Source for all your musical needs.

Internet WebCam sites
See live shots of
Bourbon Street in New Orleans and the Las Vegas Strip. Or you can find your own camera on the Library of WebCams around the world.

What did you expect? Chopped liver?

About the links

This page contains at least what I consider to be interesting, amusing, unusual, or exceptionally robust web sites that might provide a smile or perhaps several hours of surfing fodder. Don't blame me if some of them go belly-up or don't meet your higher expectations. But if you have some favorites, I'd be happy to include them here. So either email me or leave a note in the guest book on the home page.

Last updated March 28, 2010