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Q. Can you explan E=mc2 to me?
A. Yes, but not enough time. Sorry.

Q. How hard was it to make this web site?
A. It borders on the trivial. And it shows.

Q. Why do you have banner ads on some of the pages?
A. $$$.

Q. Are you really as good looking as the home page photo implies?
A. More so.

Q. Do you think this will become a popular site with thousands of hits?
A. Not a chance.

Q. I've heard that there is a hidden page on this site with photos of naked women on it. Is that true?
A. If you knew the name of the html file, you'd know for sure.

Q. What is the value of Pi?
A. To eight decimal places 3.14159265.

Q. Why are all the pages not in the same layout?
A. Because it takes time to do it and that is often scarce. I do what I can when I can.

Q. Did people really ask these questions or did you just make them up?
A. What do you think?

Q. Is it true that you have actually solved the Shröedinger Equation?
A. Gettin' close...

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Last Revised: March 28, 2010.