Giant Cereal - Breaking New Ground in Useless Information

A huge Kellogg's Frosted Flake found on 12/30/2002. Huge cereal is a very esoteric subject. But this Frosted Flake has to go into the annals of large cereal as a potential champion. Nearly two inches long, this could choke a two year old in a second. I preserved it for a few days, before it fell victim to consumption. Mine. Tony the Tiger never envisioned this flake in the box capable of being flown as a kite.

Extra large Wheatie, found on 2/18/03. You wouldn't need a whole bowl full of these size flakes to win a marathon. In comparison to the Frosted Flake, this Wheatie has a similar shape and size, but most of them do. Just not so large.

A huge Kellogg's Corn Flake found on 1/3/2005. This Corn Flake is the biggest flake to date at over 2.25" in length. But look at the width! With a little epoxy on it, this baby could be used as a snowboard. Why are all the big flakes found in the winter months?

Last updated March 28, 2010